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Lovely Holidays Hotel is a family business, founded in 1985. Since then it has been established as the perfect place for quiet family holidays. We have 32 successful years in the industry and we aim to provide exceptional hospitality and customer service.​

In Lovely Holidays Hotel you will get the chance to taste the atmosphere of traditional Greek hospitality and to get away from today's hectic lifestyle.

Lovely Holidays Hotel is the ideal destination for people who seek to spend a lovely, retro holiday.

We offer a quality service for relaxed, carefree and unforgettable holidays.

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Lovely Holidays Hotel is in a central location, which enables our guests to truly immerse themselves in the town’s thriving cultural landscape.

Every room has its own balcony with a great view of the sea and the mountains.

Lovely Holidays Hotel is only 20 metres from the beach. You can enjoy the beautiful view and smell the fresh aura emerging from the Cretan sea.



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